2009 was our first conference and it was held in Leicester.



Working Across the Digital Divide with Kym Winter

Second Life is a rapidly increasing on-line virtual world with over 3 million
members in which ‘residents’ can socialise, learn, do business, create, and form
relationships through virtual representations of themselves called ‘avatars.’
How do we think about these new relationships, what do they say about our
current social and cultural milieu ? Are we moving towards new definitions of
the ‘self’? What are the potentials and pitfalls of these new international communities?
Can Second Life have any therapeutic potential, and how might we
begin to consider the personal and professional ramifications of practising
within cyberspace? The workshop will include a live demonstration of ‘Second
Life.’ Working


Working Online in Higher & Further Education with Jane Evans

In this 45-minute workshop Jane Evans begins with a presentation which
provides delegates with the opportunity to consider the potential advantages of
offering online counselling to students and staff within the context of HE and FE
establishments, continues into the practicalities of setting up a service and
concludes with a summary of feedback from clients accessing such services.
The remainder of time the workshop focuses on a group discussion and a short
question time to end.
The workshop is open to those who already work online with clients,
counsellors who are interested in online counselling, or those who feel a little
sceptical regarding the place of online counselling within the HE and FE sector.
Do come along and share your views and experiences relating to this context of
professional counselling!


Online Supervision with Anne Stokes

This short workshop will offer an opportunity to explore online supervision, and
take part in practical activities. After initially discussing the reasons for using
supervision in this medium, and how it actually happens, participants will be
invited to respond, either as supervisees or as supervisors to email supervision
documents. There will be a short question time to end the workshop. It is
hoped that it will be very interactive and possibly fun too!
The workshop is open to people who already supervise, and to counsellors who
think that they might like to receive online supervision in the future.


Counselling Online in Real Time – taster session with Gill Webb

For some counsellors working online therapeutically means exchanging a series
of emails with their clients. However, some clients prefer the idea of working
in real time because they are familiar with instant chat programs such as MSN
and Skype and feel comfortable using them. If you’re cautious about working
online in real time, why not come along to Gill’s workshop and try out some
real time chat in the computer room?


Welcome to Online Counselling in the UK. Gill Jones

Gill Jones opens the conference with a brief picture of online counselling in the UK,
showing how counselling over the internet developed and how it is working


Only Connect Jeannie Wright

This presentation covers some of the research linking expressive and reflective
writing with online therapies. Jeannie Wright invites you to look back to how an
online counselling service for staff at Sheffield University was started in 2001;
and to look forward to how texting and emailing are currently offered as
vehicles for support to young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Relate and the Parent Know-How Project Stephanie Palin

Relate for Parents is an innovative project funded by the Department for
Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and is part of the Government’s Parent
Know How Initiative. The purpose of the initiative is to provide help and support
to anyone who is in a parenting role and, in particular, hard to reach fathers.
Relate for Parents offers a free web based LiveChat service, available seven days
a week. Anyone logging on to the service can speak in real time to a fully
trained Counsellor, for as long as they need to. Alternatively, clients can text
their queries free, from their mobile phones to 60616. Stephanie Palin is Project
Co-ordinator for the Live Chat service and demonstrates how it works during
the presentation.

The work of the Samaritans Joe Ferns

Samaritans provides 24/7 emotional support by phone, email, face to face and
text messaging to people who are in distress. Samaritans was the first agency
in the UK to offer such services by phone over 55 years ago, the first to offer
emotional support by email and more recently, the first to offer such services
by text messaging. Samaritans takes over 2.9 million contacts a year from
people who feel able to discuss their feelings and delivers its services through
the work of approximately 14,500 volunteers across the UK and Ireland. Joe
Ferns gives an overview of the charity’s work and discusses some of the
challenges and lessons the organisation has experienced when developing new contact methods.

Online Therapy – the State of Play in the USA Kate Anthony

Kate Anthony will present an interview with a well-known online practitioner
from the United States, discussing the state of play regarding online therapy
across the Atlantic, the differences when working within a country with many
states having their own legal and ethical stances on online work, and the multicultural
issues experienced when working with non-USA clients. The interview
will be followed up with a live commentary from DeeAnna Merz Nagel, pastpresident
of ISMHO and a US expert on the topic, as discussant on the issues
raised by the interview. There will then be a chance for delegates to ask questions
of both DeeAnna and Kate as part of a group discussion.


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