2010 Day 2

Program 2010

Presentation Stephen Goss

Making research speak for you

A workshop to help you make research speak for you, your clients and the
other key stakeholders in your practice. The session will look at who
needs what and how they, and you, can make research speak in a
meaningful and useful way through the development of practice research networks (PRNs).
1. Leader Jane Evans
Assessing the ‘unspeakable’ in online counselling

This workshop will present and explore the theme of assessment in online
counselling, with particular reference to instances where potential clients
approach an online counselling service due to feeling unable ot explore
specific issues, such as shame, guilt or anticipation of prejudice/rejection,
etc. within face to face alternatives. The workshop is particpative and
offers discussion alongside case study examples for delegates to develop
heightened online assessment skills.


2. Leader Emma Speigler and Sonja Anjari

COAP (Children of Alcoholic Parents)

Finding a safe space

This workshop will look at the uniqueness of COAPs online counselling
service and how this way of counselling young people affected by another
person’s addiction is conducive to creating a safe space for young people
to share and explore their feelings such as loss, guilt, helplessness and
low self-worth.


Presentation Stephanie Palin
Working with Sexual Problems and Addiction Online

The sexual relationship in most couple relationships is an important way of
expressing their closeness and when things go wrong they will often feel
isolated and embarrassed. Talking to someone online about a sexual
problem is often much less embarrassing than face to face, so why do so
few therapists offer this?


1. Leader Anne Stokes
Is online Supervision an ethical alternative to face to face?

There is an assumption that online practitioners benefit from online
supervision. But is that so? This workshop explores its pros and cons and considers how to make it effective.

2. Leaders Elaine Bousfield and Sally Evans
Social networking and the lessons it raises for counsellors
working online

This workshop will take a look around social networking websites such as
Twitter, Bebo and Facebook and consider the implications of joining such
website for online counsellors.
Presentation Denise Meyer
Students against depression: an award winning therapeutic
website & blogring

www.studentdepression.org reaches out to the many young people who
might not otherwise seek professional help for their depression, offering
clinically sound self-help information supported by peer accounts and
depression-management strategies in the form of a facilitated student
‘blogring’ – an online self-help group open for public view.

Presentation Kate Anthony
Therapy in Virtual Environments

Kate will conduct a live tour of professional, therapeutic and educational
environments in Second Life, and discuss some of the benefits and pitfalls
of conducting therapy in virtual environments. She will be joined by
colleagues both from within the conference and across the globe. Bring
your laptop and join in, or observe.

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