Name of organisation Cybertrauma

Title of presentation: How the internet and cyberspace could be changing the brain, mind and body of our clients and how this affects interpersonal relationships and face to face therapy.

The session will look at recent research that discusses the impact of cyberspace on the developing brain, mind and body and how this affects a persons ability to be in relationship with/in face to face relationships. How does this affect our clients and their ability to be present in real life or indeed online?

What can our clients do to help themselves be more in contact with their corporeal world and how can they bring this to a virtual space?

About Catherine

Catherine is an Author, Researcher and Trauma therapist completing a Dual MSc in Child and Adult Integrative Psychotherapy at Newman University graduating 2017. She has a BSc (Hons.) in Psychology and PG Dip in Psychotherapy. She is a Child trauma therapist, Clinical Supervisor and is accredited and registered with BACP and UKCP. She is CEO and Director of PEER Support Yorkshire CIC and is the only Cyber-trauma researcher, consultant and public speaker in the United Kingdom. Catherine regularly writes and presents on this topic to counsellors, professionals and parents. Cyber-trauma is a theoretical integration of child psychotherapy, psychobiology and neuroscience that takes account of the myriad of interactions with cyberspace and the traumas that can result with and from this medium. Catherine has interests in the phenomena of cyber related compassion as an antithesis to cybertrauma such as the phenomena of cyberbullying. Perhaps theres an app for that and it exists in the real world rather than the corporeal? Catherine believes that children have the answer for this through education and technology.

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