Cathy Watts

Title of presentation: Heart-Centred Relational Mindfulness – Online

 By: Cathy Watts

Relational depth can be significantly enhanced when mindfulness is used to create a space for conscious connection. Working in this way with relaxed focus and courage in letting go and trusting, allows the heart to begin to open. From this centre of inner peace flows intuitive awareness and acceptance of self and other. Such transformational sharing can be experienced in person – and online.

 About CathyCathyWatts

Cathy Watts is a BACP accredited therapist and coach, who has provided hundreds of online counselling sessions over the last few years for clients referred through the NHS and EAPs. With an integrative approach, she finds that mindfulness is an invaluable tool, for accessing core material and for deepening the therapeutic alliance. Cathy finds that her daily inner peace practise not only helps her to develop essential qualities as a therapist, but enables her to maintain a healthy work life balance, and to continue to evolve at a personal level by reflecting and learning from her own life experiences. her website is

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