Name of organisation : BergenHave

Title of presentation: Internet and Privacy; how to handle carefully your personal information and that of your clients

Nowadays the online digital world is getting more complicated and more
dangerous. It is developing faster than we can fully understand.

Like the ocean the internet is not only a dangerous place. If you learn how
to swim in the digital world, you encounter beautiful things that can en light
and enrich your live.

In short my Topic will be about this digital ocean we like to swim in. I want
to create an awareness that this ocean is both dangerous and beautiful.

About Debbie:

2015: Student reader (Dutch, together with Mieke Haveman) about online coaches for coaches course for a
dutch organisation for chronic illness and work (CCZW)

2009: Research Paper (Dutch) Is LARP a possible and effective therapy tool

1997: Research Presentation (Dutch) the differences and Similarities of early music and popmusic.

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