Helen Rutherford

Title of presentation: Online therapy for those affected by disability and illness. 

By: Helen Rutherford MBACP

This presentation will look at bridging the gap in the provision of professional counselling services for those affected by disability and Portrait 09-05-2015illness. How online counselling promotes access to support to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

About Helen

Emotional Respite Disability Counselling Service was founded by Helen Rutherford MBACP in 2014 to provide specialist support to individuals affected by disability and illness. A range of services are offered to promote access to individuals who may struggle to seek therapy in the traditional setting. Emotional Respite Disability Counselling Service offers support through diagnosis, illness, accidents resulting in injury and everyday living – not only the individual but also their family, partners and carers.


This presentation will be through a live stream connection with Helen.




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