Speaker name: : Jane Evans

Presentation theme:
Jane presented at the first OCTIA conference in 2007 and will be reflecting upon changes in online therapy that she has experienced within her client work, and those reported by supervisees during the last 10 years, whilst also looking to what the future might hold for this increasingly popular medium for therapy and the implications for those who are currently offering and online service, or who are considering venturing into online client practice. In the past many OCTIA delegates have asked for presenters to give insight into the process of delivering an online session and this will be included within Jane’s presentation.


Personal Bibliography Jane Evans:

Jane is a Senior BACP accredited counsellor and a qualified and experienced online counsellor, supervisor, and  trainer, providing service to clients, counsellors, and students, since 1994, via OCST (www.ocst.co.uk). Jane’s passion for online therapy began back in 2004 when she piloted and developed online counselling services within a variety of context, including HE and Employee Assistance programmes. In 2009 Sage published Jane’s book titled ‘Online Counselling and Guidance Skills: A Practical Resource for Trainees and Practitioners’. Currently she supports a wide range of organisations and individual practitioners in working online with clients and service users via her training provision and online supervision.

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