Name of organisation: OLT – Online Training for Counsellors Ltd

Title of presentation: What’s an unseen disability & possible ethical concerns?

I will give a brief introduction and then focus on diabetes so online practitioners have an idea of additional concerns that may arise. Focus on the varied disability triads that might occur between client counsellor/supervisee and supervisor online. I will review ethical concerns when working online with someone who has unseen needs.

Olivia Djouadi

About Olivia

Personal Bibliography for inclusion in our programme [brief please]
Olivia Djouadi is a UKCP psychotherapist and Online counsellor, supervisor and tutor at OLT. She has lived experience of type 1 diabetes and teaches it in schools. Her specialties are trauma and chronic illness as a psychotherapist and online counsellor. She also has a private practice in London where she sees clients in person.

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