Sarah Worley-James and Robin Gutteridge

A dual presentation both centring on starting a counselling service

Inspiration, Creation and Perspiration: The Development of an online Counselling Service – by Sarah Worley-James

This presentation will give you an insight into the journey Sarah undertook, and is still taking, to set up an online counselling service at Cardiff University.  The focus will be on the explorations and choices made to create a safe environment for counsellors and clients to develop effective therapeutic relationships.


Sarah Worley-James is a senior BACP accredited counsellor, initially qualifying in 1999 and successfully completing an MA in Counselling in 2006.  Her career began in the substance misuse field, where she worked for ten years, before moving into University counselling.  She continues to provide employee counselling, which she started doing in the early 2000’s, and has written and taught on a range of courses from short workshops to a BACP accredited Counselling Diploma.  In recent years she has become increasingly involved in online counselling, undertaking further training and setting up the online counselling service at Cardiff University.


Dilemmas, decisions and delights: Reflections on starting out – by  Dr. Robin Gutteridge

Robin will review her recent experiences of beginning practice ‘on line’. She will discuss the impact of this new skill set on her understanding of safety, ethical decision making and the therapeutic relationship.


Robin is a Counselling Psychologist, teacher, researcher and practitioner . Her full time role involves teaching postgraduate Counselling Psychology students and building partnerships to enhance quality in health and social care education and practice.  In her spare time, she practices as a counsellor and psychosexual therapist with individuals and couples. Robin completed the Relate on line skills training in 2013

Watch  video with Sarah Worley-James and Robin Gutteridge here:


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