Speaker Name: Susanne Irving

Title of presentation: The changing world of gambling
Technology is not only changing the face of gambling, but also the face of gambling therapy.
The internet has not only changed who gambles, but how, where and why people are gambling and the speed with which gambling problems may begin to manifest.
Even though gambling has made more headline news in recent years, problem gambling has largely remained a hidden addiction. Whether you are working face-to-face or online, you may unknowingly be seeing clients whose life has been impacted by online gambling.
Susanne has worked with those affected by problem gambling since 2004 and will share from her experience as an online counsellor.

Personal Bibliography: Susanne Irving

Susanne is a BACP accredited counsellor with more than a decade’s experience in online counselling and supervision. She works for GamCare, the UK’s national organization for problem gambling help, where she set up the charity’s online counselling service in 2007. Apart from individual work with online clients, she also works with online groups and has developed an online psycho-education programme for problem gamblers. Susanne is also a tutor and supervisor on the Diploma in Online Counselling & Psychotherapy for the Academy of Online Counselling and Supervision.

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